About Cboe Clear Europe

Cboe Clear Europe is a pan-European Central Counterparty, the most connected CCP in Europe - offering clearing services to 47 trading venues. Cboe Clear Europe is approved to clear cash equities, depositary receipts, ETFs and equity derivatives (index futures and options) contracts.

The clearing services of Cboe Clear Europe enable Clearing Participants to manage their counterparty credit risk and also to maximise operational efficiencies through automated processing and the provision of netting opportunities.

Cboe Clear Europe’s strategy is to collaborate and innovate with our clients and industry partners and strengthen the markets in which we operate. Cboe Clear Europe achieves this by delivering products and services that are designed in partnership with its users to provide best in class service, functionality, and enhance the markets in which it operates.

Cboe Clear Europe N.V. is headquartered in Amsterdam and was formed in the Netherlands in December 2013 following the combination of European Multilateral Clearing Facility N.V. (EMCF) and European Central Counterparty Limited (ECCP Limited), both of which were incorporated in 2007. On 1 July 2020, Cboe Worldwide Holdings Limited, an affiliate of the Cboe group, acquired 100% of Cboe Clear Europe.

Cboe Clear Europe N.V. is registered in the Dutch commercial register under number 34268194 and has its registered office at Strawinskylaan 1847, 1077 XX Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Cboe Clear Europe is a Limited Liability Company with share capital of EUR 7,500,000. Cboe Clear Europe has a branch office in London that is registered in the UK, as a UK Establishment with Company No. FC031747 and UK Establishment No. BR016817. Cboe Clear Europe’s LEI is 724500937F740MHCX307.