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Cboe Clear Europe has a two-tier board structure under Dutch corporate law. In addition, its governance structure is designed to enable stakeholders - both Clearing Participants who pay for services and platforms which give Cboe Clear Europe access to their trade feeds - to advise management of their service requirements. Cboe Clear Europe's governance structure complies with EMIR requirements.

Each of Cboe Clear Europe's Chief Risk Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Internal Audit function has a reporting line into the Supervisory Board.

Cboe Clear Europe governance structure overview as of 31 May 2022:

Governance structure diagram

Management Board

The Management Board consists of 3 members:

Supervisory Board

Cboe Clear Europe's Supervisory Board consists of five members: two independent members and three members nominated by Cboe as 100% shareholder.

The Supervisory Board consist of the following members:

The Supervisory Board has three committees:

EMIR Risk Committee

The EMIR Risk Committee is an EMIR-required risk advisory committee that is currently composed of three representatives from Clearing Participants, one representative from clients of Clearing Participants, and one independent member of the Supervisory Board, in compliance with EMIR requirements. The EMIR Risk Committee is chaired by Lex Hoogduin - Independent Member.

The Terms of Reference of the Risk Committee are available upon request and free of charge - please contact [email protected]