Leading Pan-European Clearing House

Speaking Up

Cboe Clear Europe has a policy that sets out its approach to enable staff to speak up openly and raise concerns about actions and behaviours that contravene EU laws, breach Cboe Clear Europe internal policies or threaten public interests. Under this policy staff are able, should they wish to do so, to make a report in complete confidence. Alternatively, staff can also make a report using the Cboe Clear Europe whistleblowing platform (details shown at the bottom of this page).

Regardless of the channel used to make a whistleblowing report, Cboe Clear Europe will provide confirmation of receipt within 7 days of receipt of a report.

External parties (e.g. ex-staff members, supplier, service providers) can also use the Whistleblowing platform to make a report. (Clearing Participants are reminded that complaints about Cboe Clear Europe performance under its Clearing Rules, must be made in accordance with the Clearing Rules, specifically article 18 and Regulation Complaints.)

Whistleblowing Platform Information