Leading Pan-European Clearing House

Remuneration Policy Key Elements

Remuneration at Cboe Clear Europe is based on a fixed and a variable component.

The fixed component is set on an individual basis with regards to the market salary of the position, relevant professional experience, and organisational responsibility.

The variable component, which is discretionary, considers both individual performance and the overall results of the Company and its shareholder against relevant, pre-determined and measurable criteria linked to Cboe Clear Europe’s corporate values, business strategy goals, long-term interests of its shareholder and clients and risk management. Certain employees are entitled to stock-based compensation through awards of restricted stock units in Cboe Global Markets Inc.

For control functions (such as risk management, compliance and internal audit), variable remuneration is based on goals linked to their department and functions, independently of the performance of the business areas they oversee.

Remuneration that is comprised of both fixed and variable remuneration is appropriately balanced and consistent with risk alignment.